gitcli npm module
by Muhammad Arslan — 2 min read

gitcli npm module

Introduction I was looking for some tools for writing CLI. Then i found an awesome way of writing cli in Java Script and nodejs as npm module. And this is easy as it writing a simple js app in node app. In...

Lattice: Scale Application over docker

Muhammad Arslan — 1 min read

Lattice is a cloud-native application platform that enables you to run your applications in containers using solutions like Docker. Lattice includes features like: * Cluster scheduling * HTTP load balancing...

Java 8: New Features

Muhammad Arslan — 1 min read

Default Methods or Extension Methods for Interfaces Java 8 allows us to add non-abstract method implementation to interfaces by utilizing the default keyword. Here is our first example:...

Build resume with json

Muhammad Arslan — 1 min read

Introduction If you’re a developer geek like I am, you’ll want to check this out. This is awesome tool for creating resume with json file, cv...

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