Lattice: Scale Application over docker

Lattice is a cloud-native application platform that enables you to run your applications in containers using solutions like Docker. Lattice includes features like: Cluster scheduling HTTP load balancing Log aggregation Health management Lattice does...


Java 8: New Features

Default Methods or Extension Methods for Interfaces Java 8 allows us to add non-abstract method implementation to interfaces by utilizing the default keyword. Here is our first example:

Besides abstract calculateSqrt method, there is one...


Static JavaScript code Analysis

As JavaScript might be the world’s most misunderstood language, but it is one of most popular and used one. Then you need to deal this in more nice way, better structure of code, unit and...


My bash profile

Introduction Productivity is very important while development, that can be achieved by choosing efficient way of working. When i started working with OSX few years back, i did not have any concrete bash profile,...


OCPJP: Preparation and exeperience

Keep in Mind before starting preparation  The certification exam is not easy, preparation is time consuming even you experienced java developer. You will feel that you really improved your programming and analytical skills. You...


Enums, Java 5.0

As in Java 5.0, Java lets you to restrict a variable to having one of only a few pre-defined values –  in other words one value from an enumerated list. The items in enumerated...